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Post-Op Information

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Below are some quick links to important post-operative information.

Cast Care

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Take care of your cast, so your cast can take care of you.

Locations & Directions

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Our office is located in Brighton, Michigan on the 1st floor of the Genoa Medical Center Building.

2305 Genoa Business Park Dr.
Suite 170
Brighton, MI 48114

Dr. Mihalich sees patients on a limited basis in Novi.

The Novi Orthopaedic Center, and
The Bone & Joint Center of Novi
26750 Providence Pkwy., Ste. 210
Novi, MI 48374

See our location page for maps, directions and photos.

Cast Care Instructions

Please read the information below for directions about caring for your cast.

Why do I need a cast?

You have been given a cast to help your broken bone or torn ligaments heal. A cast can help keep the injured area from moving so you can heal faster without risk of repeated injury. How long you'll need to wear your cast depends on the type of injury you have and how serious it is. Normally casts are worn between 4 and 6 weeks.

Will the broken bone hurt?

Almost all broken bones cause pain. The cast should relieve some pain by limiting the movement of the broken bones or damaged soft tissue. Your pain should become less severe each day. Most of the pain associated with a fracture is due to swelling after the cast is applied, thus, reducing the swelling is key in keeping your pain to a minimum. Below are a few tips to keep you or your loved one comfortable:

Call your doctor immediately if the pain in the casted area gets worse after the cast has been applied. You should also call your doctor right away if you have new pain that develops in another area (for example, pain in your fingers or forearm if you have a wrist or thumb injury, or pain in your toes or calf if you have an ankle or foot injury).

New pain that you didn't have before the injury may mean that the cast is too tight. If you have this symptom, raise your cast. This may reduce pain and swelling.

Is it okay to get the cast wet?

The answer is NO! If you get one of these casts wet, irritation and infection of the skin could develop. To avoid getting the cast wet

If the cast does get wet, you may be able to dry out the inside padding with a blow dryer. (Use a low setting and blow the air through the outside of the cast.) If the cast gets completely soaked, you must contact us to avoid damage to your skin.

What can I do about itching?

If your skin itches underneath the cast, don't slip anything inside the cast, since it may damage your skin and you could get an infection. Instead, try tapping the cast or blowing air from a blow dryer down into the cast. You may also find that benedryl (purchased over the counter) is helpful.


Danger Signs, When to Call

Report any of these symptoms immediately:

We know that having a break and a cast is a bummer, but following these directions and working as a team together will make the experience more tolerable.

For your convenience, you can download a PDF version of this information to keep on your computer or to print out for easier reference.


We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to ensure our patients receive state-of-the-art care with the latest available technology, taking your orthopedic care to a whole new level.

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Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy suite has more than 4000 square feet to serve you better! The goal of our program is a faster and better recovery from orthopedic problems.

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