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Our office is located in Brighton, Michigan on the 1st floor of the Genoa Medical Center Building.

2305 Genoa Business Park Dr.
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Shoulder Arthroscopy Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are frequently asked questions about shoulder arthroscopy surgery.

When do I find out the details of my surgery?

The pre-operative nurse will call you from the hospital 1 to 3 days before your surgery to discuss several details; including your exact time of surgery, when to last eat and drink prior to surgery, and when to last take certain medications. These are very important questions to have answered prior to your surgery. Therefore, we ask that you be certain that the hospital has your updated phone number.

How long will my surgery take?

While this can vary, typically you are in the operating from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Then you are taken to the recovery area for 1 to 2 hours before being discharged home. You will be given specific post-operative instructions at that time.

How will I find out what Dr. Farjo did during the surgery?

Dr. Farjo will speak with your loved ones immediately following your surgery. It is very important that your loved ones are with you at the hospital and stay in the waiting room during your surgery. If someone is not in the waiting room at the end of surgery, Dr. Farjo will not be able to meet with them that day. We will be able to discuss your surgery at our office during your first post-operative appointment (typically 6 to 8 days later).

Will the doctor have to perform an open surgery?

Due to Dr. Farjo's expertise in arthroscopic surgery, this rarely occurs. Less than 1% of Dr. Farjo's arthroscopic surgeries require a larger, open incision.

How will I control my pain after surgery?

Many patients will get a Marcaine Pain Pump. This is a numbing medication placed within one of your incisions and will be explained to you and your loved ones prior to discharge from the hospital. It provides pain relief for 2 to 3 days after surgery. The pump is easy to remove when you remove your bandages 2 to 3 days after surgery. In addition, you will likely be given narcotic pain medications for pain control. Patients generally only find these necessary for the first week after surgery.

When do I return to the office after surgery?

Your first post-operative appointment at Dr. Farjo's office is scheduled 6 to 8 days after surgery for suture removal and a thorough discussion of your surgery.

How long will my shoulder be painful?

This is a difficult question, as every patient is different. Dr. Farjo will typically give you a narcotic pain medication to take after surgery. Most patients require this for the first few days and then sporadically after that. You may find that physical therapy causes an increase in pain due to the motion involved. Therapy is very important to your recovery process. Therefore, we recommend you take your pain medication about 1 hour prior to your therapy session until you feel comfortable without it.

When can I drive again?

This is a personal decision that you must make. The timing depends upon when you feel you are ready to safely drive. Do not drive if you are taking any narcotic medication. Also, driving a vehicle with manual transmission soon after surgery is not possible due to the motions and strength required. We recommend taking your vehicle for a test drive in an empty parking lot before driving on the road.

When can I return to work?

This varies on an individual basis and with your occupation. It is best to discuss this with Dr. Farjo or his PA prior to surgery.


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